2Bit - A website about 2bit stuff.
A website about 2bit stuff.

Welcome to the website that is only in four colors! 2Bit is a niche site that is all about 2-bit graphics, which are best known for being on the original Gameboy. I've got all kinds of content here, including Easter eggs, Gameboy game reviews, pictures, memes, videogames and Wikipedia encyclopedic knowledge or something.

Excuse my French, but I think my site is boþ avant garde and .

I'm going to try to keep this site nuetral like Switzerland.


I'm now a Neocities Supporter! I'm going to open up a site called 16Bit soon which will be mainly be about the Sega Genesis.
Added some random pages.
Wrote a short blog post about the future of this site.
If you like Will Smith, then check out this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air page I made. It's 2Bit's first page that is in color, but still maintaining a 2-bit color pallete.
I decided to add Amazon ads since this site receives 100 to 500 unique visitors per month (it could be much much more). The ads aren't too noticable since all of them are at the pages' bottom. Added new blog post, and changed the logo for a 3rd time. 2nd logo
I added a page called "Junk I Own or Used to Own". It is mostly about obscure/rare or junky novelties of technology I have owned in my my life thus far. It's currently under construction.
A page has been created that lists all the midis and songs used on 2Bit. Dial "321" to view it.
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This site is compatible with 1000x800 monitors and low color displays. Use Interent Explorer to hear the midi music!
The Song you hear is "Pachelbel Canon, Tacobell canon on synthesizers by Gazdatronik".