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August 20th, 2019
I haven't made a blog post in a while.

I took a pretty long break from editing this site, and it seems I only ran out of ideas temporarily. I have been editing my site again by improving and adding some minor stuff. I also want to make some more Gameboy game reviews soon. V-race II isn't going to happen it seems (for anyone who cared). I do plan on making a much more polished game with a similar concept in the distant future, but it won't be in 2-bit color.

College has kept me busy, and my major is computer science unsurprisingly. When the Fall semester comes up, I will be finally taking a real computer science class. I really look forward to it, since I'm getting sick of all the monotonous calculus and physics I've been doing. From what I keep reading on the internet, many people with computer sceince degrees never have used calculus on any software developement jobs. It just so happens that I have to take three years of calculus. The basic fundementals behind calculus I find interesting actually, but the other highly abstract stuff involving stuff like the derivates of logarithms and integrals of trig functions I really dislike. I'm only tolerating this calculus so I can get a pretty prestigious degree. Then again, even if I have hardly any use for calculus outside of college, this complex math is going to build my brain and give me more inspiration for developing algorithms.

Once I learn some serious computer science stuff, I think this site will get much more interesting. I just looked at an old blog post of mine while typing this (I think its slightly cringey looking back), that promissed a similar thing. I soon found out after making that old post that my college only allowed you to take computer science classes only if you took Calc I. These included programming classes, which is pretty stupid considering you only need basic algebra to start off with programming. I don't have to worry about that now anyway thankfully, and I will definitely be taking my very first programming class in th upcomming semester. So, this blog post was pretty much a ramble about college and a small update about me.

January 30th, 2017
Quick Update

I'm starting to run out of ideas for this site. I'm going to make more pages like the Fresh Prince one but with different TV shows from the 90's. I'll release V-race II probably next year or something and then I'll mostly move on from edting 2Bit.

The next page I plan on making has Quark from DS9 with the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition BTW.

December 22nd, 2016
I'm working on V-race II

Since single file EXE games are so 90's (not to me they are) and that not everyone has a Windows computer, V-Race II will be 100% HTML5! You can click here to see a quick test that I did to make sure HTML5 Game Maker Studio games are compatible with Neocities. I wish I could export the first V-race to HTML5, but it was made on GM 8.0, and much of the programming is not compatible. V-Race II will be in a much higher resolution (720x540), and will have much larger sprites. Hopefully It will run more smoothly than the first V-race; even though it was a 2D game with the literal resolution of a Gameboy, an average gamming laptop could only run it with lag every 10 seconds.

December 13th, 2016
I'm Starting College Soon.

This is just going to be a breif post. No longer will I be a NEET when I take a quick certificate course at my local community college. Web developement or computer scripting might be some of the classes I'll take, and if that's the case, 2Bit might become a bit more fancy. Currently I guess you could say that I'm a "script kiddie". I practically know basic HTML by heart, but I still don't know CSS very well. It's even worse with JS; it's Greek to me. After community college, I'm going to a university to study in a completely different feild. Most likely it will be some kind of engineering.

Anyway, Merry Christmas. Merry Kwanza. Merry Hanukkah. Merry New Year.

November 14th, 2016
A Cool but Cringey Flipnote I Made When I Was 15

I'm 19 years of age on the date of this post, and I was not the most mature years ago, however, I still made intereseting stuff back then. I found this flipnote as I was going through an old hard drive and I thought it would be neat to share here. Yeah, I was an edgy, anti-Illuminati, borderline-emo teen back then. The animations of me in the flipnote are neat, but all the quickly flashing "evil subliminal messages" is the cringy part.

Enjoy this odd little thing.

November 4þ, 2016
Bring back þe letter þorn!

Þe letter þorn (pronounced "thorn" for you buttheads) is an archaic letter of þe English alphabet þat made a monk's life easier by having to occasionally write one less letter in his words. When þe printing press came along, someþing someþing Germans didn't have þe letter þorn or someþing and used þe letter 'y' instead. Everybody knows German people are smart most of þe time. Þey didn't try to make þe Englishmen's problem more complicated by replacing þorn wiþ two letters.

Well, þe English made a dumb decision. When þey stopped using þe 'y' for "th" sounds and used 'th' instead; it was almost as if þey were afraid þat þe English alphabet had too many letters serving multiple phonetic sounds (which is in fact still a problem). Making 'th' mean þorn, did not solve much. Þe letter 'y' still makes multiple sounds including "yuh", "ee", and "eye". IT'S NOT ÞAT HARD TO LEARN ONE EXTRA LETTER OF ÞE ENGLISH ALPHABET! WE HAVE IT EASY COMPARED TO ÞE CHINESE! Seriously, I doubt it was þat hard to make an extra type block for þe letter þorn, and I highly doubt any of you have trouble singing þe ABC's.

Since we live in þe Information age, it has become so easy to quickly replicate texts in any language and in any alphabet, all þanks to Unicode. But what do we use þis technology for? EMOJIS! GOSH FORSAKEN EMOJIS! Despite þe introduction of emoticons, texting lingo isn't all þat bad. We can all agree þat writing '4' is easier þan writing "four". Academic scholars may disagree but "lol I luv u" is innovation... plain and simple innovation to þe English language! After all, þou no longer speakeþ likeþ þis. Þe English language has changed and subsequently improved since its birþ, and I find noþing wrong wiþ changing it even furþer! Texting lingo is probably going to be regarded as slang for a long long time. But before þat happens, let us all bring back þorn since it will sound more "academic".

Þe only obstacles preventing us from using þorn is our publishers, teachers, and employers. Oþer þan þat, no one is stopping you. Contrary to popular belief, þere is no official way to use English. Unlike French, we don't have a governing body þat makes laws on our language. Proper grammar only exists because most of us universally agree upon what constitutes "proper grammar". Þe Brits have different grammatical ideals þan þe Yanks and because of þat, we have British English and American English.

Typing þorn is easy to do. Click þis link to see how.

October 25th, 2016
V-race is out!

V-race has officialy been released! Click here to download it.
Here is some info about the game:
Just move the left and right arrow keys to control the car.
Press enter to start the game.
To enlarge the game, press and hold the the window key and press '+'. (I couldn't find any other good workarounds.)

All programming and graphics created by Mark Valentino
Music by Nikku4211
Explosion sound effect credit-
"Lose race" sound effect was ripped from F1 Race for the Gameboy

October 24th, 2016
The Cars That Will be in V-race

These are the cars that will be in V-race, and I've listed their stats as well. V-race is going to come out very soon I promise.

September 25th, 2016
Video Preview of V-race

Video not playing? Download it directly.

Bandicam captured the gameplay choppily, but it is a lot smoother in person at 60 fps. I have completed 4 levels of the game and I am currently working on the fifth.

Track listings for the game so far:

Nikku4211 - Bunsie (Full version)
Nikku4211 - Skidrow Remix
Nikku4211 - Tanishq

September 20th, 2016
I'm currently devoloping a driving game called V-race.

I am currently in the process of making a videogame that is designed to look as if it were made for the original Gameboy. The name of it is V-race and the gameplay involves you driving a car at high speeds through a racetrack while having to constantly make split second decisions. I did some calculations on the speeds of the vehicles I have made so far and they came out to around 120 mph and 144mph! You definitely need to have an above average reaction time to progress far in the game and you definitely can't expect to win while drunk either since it's harder to drive in V-race than it is in real life! No joke.

All of V-race's music was made by Nikku4211 who is also a prominent Neocities member. Nikku's music is very upbeat, catchy, and chiptune-y which is perfect for this game. You can check out his YouTube channel which features his music.

So far I think I'm close to being halfway done with the game. I have completed three levels and V-race will probably have around eight levels in total when I release it. V-race is going to be totally free and you will be able to download it on this very site.

And yes, there will be a Formula One racer. I don't want to spoil too much.

September 8th, 2016
I Made a Video About my Site

Forgive me. I'm bad at talking on mic.

Video not playing? Download it directly.

September 5th, 2016
Thank You Kuro Pixel for Mentioning Neocities and 2Bit!

This is the first and only mention this site has gotten so far outside of Neocities. Kuro pixel wrote an article reminiscing the old Geocities sites from nearly twenty years ago. The author brought up Neocities and said "It's a really neat looking community that takes me back to the early web days". Here is the link to the article.

My site was also mentioned in a brief paragraph reading, "A website with the theme of having everything in 2-bit color. The person that made the site is really dedicated to this theme, because all graphics follow the rules of being 2 bit. Not a lot of real content on the site, but it's pretty unique so I thought I'd mention it". 2Bit at the time, did in fact not have a lot of content; it just had maybe 5 or 6 pages to it. This site has grown so much, I have now lost count on how many web pages this site actually has LOL.