A website about 2bit stuff.

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IPFS Archives of 2Bit
Wayback Machine Archives of 2Bit

2-Bit Related
2-bit Cowboy Android Game
2bit Image Converter
US Keyboard with the Letter Þorn
Wikipedia Article About Color Depth
Wikipedia Article About the Netpbm image format

Digital Logic Tools
Logisim Download Page (The best digital logic simulator I know of.)
Online Karnaugh Map Solver
Online Minimization of Boolean Functions

Gameboy Related
Dot Matrix Berlin
Gameboy Music Midis from a huge selection of games
Gameboy Tile Data Generator
Gameboy Tile Designer
Play Over 1000 Gameboy Games in Your Browser!
Gameboy Cart Stuck - An interesting old Geocities site I found.
Gameboy Internet Project - A concept on connecting Gameboys to the internet through telphone wires
Jeff Frohwein's GameBoy Tech Page

Neocities Sites Simillar to this One
0Bit (A site that is probably better than mine)
Gameboy Reviews & Commentary
IroIro's Retro Emporium
Melonking's Collection Pages
Sharp Electronic Notebooks
The 1980 Underground

Other Site I Own
16Bit - Like 2Bit, but about 16 bit consoles.

Technology Related Youtube Channels I Like
Nostalgia Nerd
Technology Connections

"Phone Numbers" There are way more numbers than these by the way.
259 - The Website of Clyphe
321 - List of Midis and Songs Used Throughout 2Bit
554 - The Website of Suyu
777 - Dank Memez Page
867 - ..."five three oh-nine"
859 - RIP Pete Burns

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