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Junk I Own or Used to Own

The following is a list of obscure/rare or junky electronic novelties I have owned thus far. I plan on adding a lot more to this page.
Blood Stained Game Boy Color

After my first Game Boy broke, my dad ordered me a Game Boy Color off of Ebay. It came with a Pokemon game and it sounded like a good deal... until it arrived in the mail. I never saw the bloody thing (pun intended) because it was in-fact stained with blood inside the plastic grooves! In a way, it would sound odd that it would come with precisely one game. A kid who died in a car crash might have been playing this very Game Boy, and if this hypothetical kid saved his Pokemon game in Lavender town, I'D ABSOLUTELY SHIT MYSELF!

Gameboy (original)

My dad got an original Game Boy as a wedding present. He gave it to me when I was five and it was the first handheld I ever owned. Unfortunately, it broke and for some reason had a piece of cardboard in the cartridge slot. I can't remember if it was me who did it, but it probably was haha! I still wish I had the Game Boy, even it was broken. I still have my dad's games though like Tetris, F1 Race, and Batman Return of the Joker.

GBA TV Tuner

I bought a GBA TV tuner just for the novelty of it. The kind I bought allowed you to input a composite signal so you could hook up a DVD player up to it or something, and it was capable of picking up analogue over-the-air TV stations. The picture was dull and shakey, and had worse quality than those grey GBA video cartridges. I bought this device right after the US totally switched to digital only broadcasts, but luckily since I used to live on the border of Mexico, I was able to pick up some Spanish broadcasts. I watched some Mexican boxing on the GBA TV tuner, and that was all I could really enjoy watching since, yo soy no speako esapnol.

The I-pen

Not to be confused with some kind of Apple product. This nifty little pen was donated to a computer club which I volunteer at. The cord was about to be cut off for the minuscule amount of valuable copper inside and recycled for probably 10 cents at the most. I was like "Wow, I can finally make digital art without having to do a complicated process of drawing on paper and then scanning images in!" The guy in charge was like "Are you sure you want that? It looks too old to work?", and I replied "Well It has USB. It's worth a shot.". I brought it home and plugged it in and it instantly worked. No drivers were needed. It functioned exactly like a USB mouse pretty much. I have to say that this thing is a miracle. I thought I was going to have to spend about 50 bucks on an expensive drawing tabled when this thing that was made around 2003 works just fine. Maybe the 50 dollar drawing tablets might work better than this, but drawing with the I-pen is certainly better than drawing with a mouse.
12/22/19 EDIT: No it isn't certainly better than drawing with a mouse. I got myself a weighted gaming mouse with a high DPI sensor, and it draws so much better than the I-pen. I still can't draw for crap strictly digitally though, unless I'm using CAD.

Zopid "MP6 Player"

I'm sure everybody knows what an MP3 player is. Obviously, it's a portable device that is used for playing music. Then there are MP4 players which play movies in addition to music, but did you know that there are MP6 players? Apparently, what made this an MP6 player was that it had the ability to play videogame roms (Sega Genesis, GBA, GB, GBC, NES), had a built-in video camera, had an RCA out (mostly used for playing videogames and movies on a TV), and an RCA in, which could record ANYTHING you want, like PS2 gameplay or movies you want to record. With everything I mentioned, it might as well be called an MP10 player. This Frankenstein-of-a-device cost me about $50 in 2012, and if you think this "Zopid" was too good to be true, you are right.

It only lasted me a couple of months before crapping out. I took really good care of it, in fact, even more care than a regular handheld because it was made out of cheap plastic. Suddenly, it did not turn on after a couple months. I got a replacement because of a warranty, but my replacement did not even last the same amount of time as my previous Zopid. The new one suddenly would not turn on after a few weeks. The warranty person tried to tell me I was charging them improperly by plugging it into my PS2. I'm not sure if he was bullshitting me or not, but I gave up on wanting to own a Zopid and didn't debate the issue further. Anyway, all of the MP3 players I've ever owned have been charged via my Playstation and still work till this day.