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Game Boy Game Reviews

Here you'll find a list of Game Boy titles accompanied by reviews written by me.

You won't find Pokemon or Tetris listed here. This page showcases mostly hidden gems that you might not have heard of before. Click on a game's box to read its review.

Reviewed Games:

Recommended Games I Haven't Written Reviews For Yet:
Dragon Warior Monsters (GBC)
Trip World
Gameboy Camera
Missile Command (GBC)
Super Mario Land
Ninja Spirit
Star Wars Episode I Pod Racers (GBC)

Absolutely Terrible Games you Shouldn't Play
Elmo in Grouchland (GBC)
The Amazing Spiderman
Nicktoons Racing (GBC)

How I Score Games

How much the game begs you to keep playing.

How well the game challenges players, while not being too easy. IE: a game with one star could easily be beaten in 30 minutes.

level of detail in graphics, and/or quality of artwork.

How great the music and SFX are.

How long it takes to beat a game, or length of story if it's an RPG.

How much the game is worth playing in this day in age. IE: Most gamers would rather play a modern version of Tetris than the original game on the Gameboy.

Need I explain this one?

Here is a Neocities website that also reviews Game Boy games.