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About 2Bit

Some of you might ask "I've heard of 8-bit, so what is 2-bit?"

Most of us have heard of the Nintendo Entertainment system and have seen its limited graphic capabilities. The Nintendo had 8-bit graphics with 54 displayable colors, while on the other hand the Sega Genesis had 16bit graphics with 512 displayable colors. In layman's terms, having more bits meant having more colors.

So what about 2-bit color? 2-bit displays are limited to just four colors, which usually are black, dark grey, light grey, and white. This is because each pixel in 2-bit color is written in precisely 2 sets of bits (a bit is a single 1 or 0 in binary). Because of this, there are only 4 possible combinations: 00 (black), 01 (dark grey), 10 (light grey), and 11 (white).

Why the interest in 2-bit?

This website is here because no one else seems to be interested in this old and "obsolete" technology. Of course graphics capabilities have evolved to display 16 million different colors. However, it has always amazed me that images of familiar things can still be recognized even if they are limited to just four colors, or even the absolute minimum of two! Probably the most important reason for my interest in 2-bit graphics can be said in one word: Gameboy. The original Gameboy was my first videogame system. It's what I grew up with. I have always liked the aesthetics about them and I still do to this day.

Somewhat Useless Trivia

2Bit was created by Leon, and is hosted on Neocities for free!

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Stuff About Me
  • If I was two years older, I'd technically be a millenial, and not a zoomer.
  • My favoite cigar is the Macanudo Cafe.
  • I have a certificate in Autocad, a certificate in Autodesk Inventor. Many of the graphics you see on the site are created using CAD.
  • Indian food (from Asia) is delicous to me.
  • I am a Star Trek nerd, or "treker".