Hunter, was a 30 year old man who has no life outside of the realm of computers. He went to work at his IT job where he sat in front of a computer all day, and went back home to sit in front of a computer the rest of the day. His only aspiration was to just play through most of his unplayed Steam library of 415 games. "Who needs real life social interaction when I can talk to hundreds of in game characters?" is a quote Hunter used to say. The life of Hunter probably sounds boring, or maybe fits the description of your life (I hope it doesn't). I'm obviously not here to tell you a boring story about a boring man. I'm here to tell you about a real event that happened of extreme paranormal proportions to an innocent man who just wanted to be left alone.

Actually, it wasn't just "an event", but many simultaneous events that happened in our quantum universe. I am what you might call an angel. While I can't interfere with the freewill of people, I can mostly only observe, even when an innocent person makes a very bad mistake. So, you're probably wondering how you're reading the words of an angel. The answer is complicated, but mostly consists of the owner of this site building a "digital Ouija board" that allows me to speak fluidly. Traditional Ouija boards are too clunkey for transcribing whole entire bodies of text. Anyway, make sure to add a 'coming soon' so tha

This is a "virtual game" and a learning expirience where you can learn how to avoid ending up like Hunter did. You will be given choices for Hunter to act out in this game. The game is "won" by choosing the best set of choices for him. These choices were all calculated as possible outcomes Hunter could have chosen in real life. Hunter of course, chose the worst ones. It is up to you to see if you could have done better than him.

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