The game is so popular, it sold out in every store.
HOWEVER, you can download it online for free!

Mirror in case Mega shuts down

Have you ever wanted to sit in a race car, put the key into the ignition, shift into drive, duct tape the gas pedal to the floor, and then break off the brake pedal? ...No? Well, in V-race you get to do exactly that without having to risk your life.

V-race is the fastest driving game you'll ever play on the Nintendo Gameboy, and it's even faster than F-Zero! In fact, this videogame is so fast, it is required that you overclock you brain with stimulants.* You will zip through 6 amazing levels in V-race, each one getting progressively faster and harder. There are speed boosts scattered throughout that will launch your car forward (and sometimes backward) twice its original speed. One small collision, and it's game over man.

There are four different cars in the game: Two sports SUV's and two F-1 racecars. You can look at them below:

When 2Bit was devolping V-race, we had to find music that was as good, if not better than the game itself. All the music in V-race was composed by the famous chiptune artist, Nikku4211.

Track listings for V-race:
Nikku4211 - Bunsie (Full version)
Nikku4211 - Skidrow Remix
Nikku4211 - Tanishq


Poorly Recorded Gameplay Footage:

The game is smoother in person. Bandicam couldn't record in 60 fps.

Just move the left and right arrow keys to control the car.
Press enter to start the game.
To enlarge the game, press and hold the the window key and press '+'. (I couldn't find any other good workarounds.)

System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher (V-race may work on Windows Vista).
2.5 GHZ processor or higher.
For smoothest gameplay, set monitor to 60hz or 120hz.
Resolution of 160x144 or higher (like that would ever be an issue).

All programming and graphics created by me.
Music by Nikku4211
Explosion sound effect credit-
"Lose race" sound effect was ripped from F1 Race for the Gameboy

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*Legal Discalimer: 2Bit is not responsible for any illegal activities you may partake in nor do we encourage them. 2Bit only recommends high doses of caffeine. Please use substance responsibly.

V-race was created in the year 2016. Screw copyright formalities and it's weird lingo, but I guess this game is copyrighted (I guess Nikku's music is too, but you'll have to ask him).
Do whatever you want with V-race. Just don't sell it or claim it as your own.