List of Midis and Songs from 2Bit
This is just various background music I have had on my web pages. All of the Gameboy related Midis have come from this Site.

4 in 1 Fun Pack Theme
Batman Theme
Donkey Kong '94 Forest Theme
G Gundam - Flying in the Sky
Gameboy Robot Theme
Gameboy Camera User ID
Hail to the Cheif
Never Gonna Give You Up
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Tetris Theme B
When I'm 64

Coundown to Extinction
Cyclop Feel
Feregi Anthem
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Instrumental Theme
Namco Museum Vol. 3 - View
Pachelbel Canon, Tacobell canon on synthesizers by Gazdatronik
Sub-Rosa Subway
Shining Finger Theme
"There's No Stopping Us" Instrumental Remix (ChipTune/Electro Funk
Vaporgen Christmas
Vivaldi, Summer, Movt. 1 on Synthesizers by Gazdatronik
You Spin Me Round Like a Record
You Spin Me Round Like a Record 8-BIT
ZeNotebook by Nikku4211

Just U.V. (full album) - Contact [1979 France Electronic]
Patrick Wilson & Trevor Bastow - Telefax - Industry 4 (1987)