I am selling two ad spaces on the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition page, because I think it is very fitting with the theme of the page, and I also want some money too, I'm not going to lie haha. Anyway, these two ads will just be simple images with a link. They will also be in the same 2bit color pallete as the Ferengi page. These ads will be on the Ferengi page as long as 2Bit exists, which will most likely be decades and decades into the future. If Neocities shuts down 15 years in the future or something, I'm going to find a new host.

So if you want to purchase an ad, here are the requirements:

- The ad must be an image sized in 160x700 with the same 2bit color pallete of the Ferengi page.
- Plz no jpegs.
- If the ad is animated, it must not be too obnoxious.
- The hyperlink of the ad must link to a Neocities page.
- The page must not have porn, gore, be overly political, or have any other kind of stuff I find objectable.

Each ad will cost a one time payment of $25. If you are interested, comment on my Neocities profile page, and I'll go from there.